Speaking of vibrant colors, you must check out “I Am Not an Artist” if you haven’t already.


I’m not sure if it’s the vibrant colors, the eye-catching patterns, the perfect fit, or the fact that they were given to me by some of my favorite people, but Happy Socks really live up to their name.  I smile every time I put on a pair of these amazing socks.

I am completely in awe of Paul Madonna‘s weekly illustrations entitled “All Over Coffee.”  Madonna captures San Francisco cityscapes, street corners, rooftops, with an incredible eye for detail, usually pairing these views with thoughtful words.  He occasionally diverges from the San Francisco theme, presenting the viewer with beautifully composed depictions of Buenos Aires, Paris, Tokyo, and other areas of the world.  Take a look at “All Over Coffee” on Madonna’s website and in the SF Chronicle.  It is unlike any weekly newspaper strip I’ve ever seen.


I was recently introduced to Devour.com, a fantastic website that posts a well-chosen collection of videos found around the web.  While I have spent many hours devouring the contents of the website, I continually come back to the first video I watched there, “Moments,” by Everynone – a beautiful short film that captures the little things that make up every day experience.  I also recommend Everynone’s “Words.”