Found via Hello Bauldoff.  Lately I’ve been seeing some exciting new twists on classic arcade games pop up on the internet.  Two months ago, I posted about First-Person Tetris, a dizzying rendition of the well-known puzzle game.  Today I discovered Browser Pong, created by Stewart Smith, and I think it’s one of the coolest browser-based games I’ve ever seen.  Smith’s other work is also really interesting, so play the game and then make sure to check out the rest of his website.


Monk’s Mind Game, based on USA’s television show Monk, is the perfect online game for people like me who enjoy straightening crooked picture frames, keeping writing utensils organized, avoiding germs, and other such tasks.  Now I feel like cleaning my desk.


First Person Tetris is not for the feint of heart nor for those with a history of motion sickness.  But for everyone else, it might just be one of the most addictive and dizzying games you’ve played all year.  It reminds me of one of Scotty’s lines from Star Trek: “It never occurred to me to think of space as the thing that was moving.”