Found via The Embarrassment.  I love anonymous mail projects like Post Secret and I Got An Envelope.  Here’s a new one: Send Me a Million Postcards.  The title is self-explanatory.  If you’re like me and enjoy sending and receiving postcards, you might also like Postcrossing.


Found via SwissmissMysterious Letters is a fascinating project by Lenka Clayton and Michael Crowe.  They decided to send a letter to every house in Cushendall, a small village in Ireland, and have posted several of those letters online.  Lenka and Michael say, “The art work consists solely of the discussion between the recipients about what on Earth these letters are, who sent them and why, etc.”

Mysterious Letters

There are so many great websites out there that focus on sending mail to strangers or receiving mail from strangers.  I Got An Envelope is one of my favorites.  The basic idea: You leave a self-addressed envelope in some public space with instructions that the finder put whatever he or she wants in the envelope.  The finder sends the envelope back to you, you photograph the contents, and then you send them to the I Got An Envelope site.  I left an envelope once, but nobody ever sent it back to me.