I’m not sure if it’s the vibrant colors, the eye-catching patterns, the perfect fit, or the fact that they were given to me by some of my favorite people, but Happy Socks really live up to their name.  I smile every time I put on a pair of these amazing socks.


Found in The New York Times’ slideshow “Goth Endures.”  While I don’t really like the material of this pig skin tattooed top hat by Justin Smith, I do love how the different pieces are stitched together.  It is a beautiful piece, and the stitching reminds me a bit of the lampshades in my mom’s house.  The hat was featured in The Museum at FIT’s “Gothic: Dark Glamour” exhibit last year, and in Valerie Steele’s book of the same name.

Mattel recently announced Barbie’s 126th career: Computer Engineer.  Apparently, Mattel asked Barbie fans to help pick Barbie’s 125th career (News Anchor), but so many people wanted her to be a Computer Engineer that Mattel decided to introduce two new careers.  As a female computer science student, I am thrilled to hear the news!  I haven’t bought a Barbie doll in over a decade, but I might just have to get this one.  You can read more about Computer Engineer Barbie on all sorts of blogs around the internet (such as Chip Chic and NYTimes Bits) and on Barbie’s official media website.  (Image below from PC World.)