For months, I have been seeing Swissmiss‘ posts about her TeuxDeux project and not making much of them, because I am so used to keeping track of my to-do lists on paper.  However, as my life is becoming increasingly digital, I recently began looking around for a simple way to keep a virtual to-do list.  TeuxDeux is the perfect solution.  It’s intuitive, beautiful, free, and a web app, so it can be accessed anywhere you have an internet connection.  The lovely folks behind TeuxDeux have also just rolled out a $2.99 iPhone app, which may end up being the first app I purchase.

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  1. Mason Barker said:

    The TeuxDeux productivity iPhone app is a simple, smart, and attractive way to stay on top of your to-do lists. It incorporates intuitive functionality for those of us who remember life where we lugged around a calendar scribbled with appointments, to-do items, and arrows moving items from one day to the next. With the ability to sync an online account with teuxdeux.com, you will always have the chance to update your to-do lists from home, work, and iPhone.

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