About the Blog

Whenever I find something fascinating on the internet, I either bookmark it or post it somewhere on Facebook or Twitter.  Inevitably, I end up having far too many bookmarks and never go back to visit them.  Inevitably, I feel like I am spamming all of my Facebook friends with my updates.  I created Yesterday Was Not Dull so that I can keep track of and share all the cool things I see.

About the Blogger

I like computers, design (all types), plastic lawn flamingos, and a lot of other things.  I’ve lived all over the place but I call myself a New Yorker.

  1. Anne said:

    This is really FUN and I am glad you are doing it. Way to stay organized with technology!

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  3. understand the problem completely; i’m in the same pattern. i let my blog fall down with my descent/ascent to facebook. now i really feel this particular pain. maybe i’ll be inspired by your solution. meanwhile i hope the site updates brings me your updates because the subscribe rss method never works for me, because it doesnt inform me where i naturally see it

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