Lee Crutchley has been turning some of his Quoteskine creations into laptop, iPhone, and iPad skins.  Nifty!  A variety of technology skins, along with some prints, are available in his Society6 shop.


For months, I have been seeing Swissmiss‘ posts about her TeuxDeux project and not making much of them, because I am so used to keeping track of my to-do lists on paper.  However, as my life is becoming increasingly digital, I recently began looking around for a simple way to keep a virtual to-do list.  TeuxDeux is the perfect solution.  It’s intuitive, beautiful, free, and a web app, so it can be accessed anywhere you have an internet connection.  The lovely folks behind TeuxDeux have also just rolled out a $2.99 iPhone app, which may end up being the first app I purchase.

At brunch one day at Hudson View Restaurant in Washington Heights, the guy next to me had a stunning iPad case that I initially mistook for a Moleskine notebook.  When I asked him about it, he responded, “DODOcase.  It’s rad!”  I agree – totally rad.  Each DODOcase is handmade in San Francisco, and the craftsmanship is impeccable.  Visit the DODOcase website for more information about how they’re made.  Though I don’t want an iPad, I do want one of these cases.

(Also, hello, Yesterday Was Not Dull is back!  Did you miss me?)

I’m very interested in the idea of web curating, as I am increasingly noticing sites’ replacement of the word “blogger” with “curator.”  One such site that recently caught my interest is the House of Buttons, curated by Jason Long.  The site features beautiful buttons found around the web.  While we often take UI buttons for granted, overlooking their design and focusing only on their functionality, House of Buttons is the perfect venue for appreciating their aesthetics.