I was recently introduced to, a fantastic website that posts a well-chosen collection of videos found around the web.  While I have spent many hours devouring the contents of the website, I continually come back to the first video I watched there, “Moments,” by Everynone – a beautiful short film that captures the little things that make up every day experience.  I also recommend Everynone’s “Words.”


I love pretty much everything Improv Everywhere does, but their latest project especially resonates with me because they eerily read my mind and made a video of my thoughts.  Posing as NYC’s Department of Transportation, they set up a “Tourist Lane” (slow lane) and a “New Yorker Lane” (fast lane) on a sidewalk in Manhattan and directed pedestrians accordingly.  As a fast-walking New Yorker, I am thrilled that they did this.

While out for a long walk in Manhattan last week, I came across an incredible art installation entitled “Walking Men Worldwide.”  Artist Maya Barkai collected images of 99 walking men from cities around the world and covered the walls surrounding a construction site with their life-size images.  I like to imagine all 99 of those figures coming to life and exploring New York with me!  The installation will remain at 99 Church Street until January 2010.