Technological Generation Gaps

I was just reading the New York Times’s article “The Children of Cyberspace: Old Fogies by Their 20s,” which reiterates what we already know: each generation grows up with more technological resources at their fingertips than the generation before them, and thus the youngest generation is always the most impatient and the best at multitasking, more likely to communicate via the newest social mediums than through old-fashioned things like snail-mail and telephone.  We tend to see advancements in technology as benefits to society, yet the article’s tone suggests that society is going downhill, as each generation demands more and concentrates less than the last.  Is this paradox or hypocrisy?  And if this is really such a problem, why aren’t people doing anything about it?  Why aren’t parents correcting their children when they call a Kindle a book and a robotic hamster a pet?

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  1. Your concept is very much innovative and impressive as well.

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