NBC New York

I love the article rating system on the NBC New York website.  Readers can respond to articles by filling in the “I am…” drop-down box with one of the following: bored, furious, intrigued, laughing, sad, thrilled.  You can see the breakdown of everyone’s responses on the individual article pages, or use these responses as search criteria in the “New York Is…” section.


As a side note, I am mildly furious that so many people think NYU’s Guitar Hero class is a joke/something to be furious about.  If anyone actually reads the article, they’ll see that the course is not just about playing Guitar Hero, but about how video games are related to cognition.  I took a course on video games last semester and yes, we did play some video games and even make a few, but we mostly explored the idea of “meaningful play” and analyzed the role these games play in self-perception, real-life violence, education, and culture in general.  Video game studies is an important new field, and I fail to see how a class on video games and cognition could be considered any less relevant and scholarly than, for example, any class offered by a college English department.


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